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Tired of playing paladins that are all smite first, ask questions later? The Oath of the Ambling Rose offers an alternative for a paladin that’s been charged simply to wander as a divinely-inspired knight-errant, to walk and do good wherever they’re needed, though they’ll never know if they’ll be repairing a farmer’s fence or warding off a greater evil. 

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Trying to install it through the itch launcher and it doesn't find it :(


Itch unable to find the document when downloading...?

If you haven't already, try it again. It seems to work fine for me now.


Thank you, but unfortunately I have sworn off of D&D by now.


Yeah, that's fair.


I love this!  I wish I'd had access to it two years ago because it's the perfect subclass for a paladin I made previously.  This is a really great Oath for anyone looking to play a wandering hero type character.

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I have been (slowly; so slowly) making my way through the bundle for racial justice. This makes me wish I'd started at the other end. Lovely art, nicely thought out subclass that isn't all about ways to hurt stuff.

10/10, would download again.

P.S. I run a game that is premised as a traveling circus. This subclass will make an appearance soon.


I'm glad to hear it! Thank you so much :)


Refuses to download, says "Cannot read property Build of Undefined".

As such, cannot access.

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I had this problem too with the Itch installer, but I think that's because this is a PDF and not something that installs as such. Downloading from a browser works fine -- that is, I can open the PDF and read it. And now I want to make a paladin...

(Probably I am 6 months too late to help you, but another person might find this info useful.)


Oath of the Ambling Rose is a three page Paladin subclass for 5e with lovely cover art, great utility features, and honestly one of the most GM-friendly bits of design I've seen in a class.

Ambling Rose Paladins can rewind damage, teleport groups, and give resistance to fear and charm---but most importantly they can simply meditate for ten minutes and ask the GM "what's cool nearby?"

This is a feature that I think a whole engine could reasonably be built around, and while the rest of the subclass seems solid, balanced, and fun, it's worth picking up for Right Place At The Right Time alone---for GMs and players alike.

Minor Issues:

-There are some spots where there isn't spacing between words.


Hell yeah! "Right place at the right time" is the PERFECT GM plot device I love it! I know I said this on your previous subclass but I really like the tenets of this one as well, they're just really well thought out. 

I'm so glad you like them! It really makes my day to know that you enjoyed them so much 😊


I love everything about this, but I have one question. 'Fluid as Melting Ice' feels really out of place, why can they suddenly "slip through the fabric of reality"? How does that fit with the flavour and lore of the subclass?

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I'm so glad you like it! I kind of view this subclass as a kind of knight-errant driven by instincts of kindness, and so going with the theme of movement, their oath gives them the ability to instantly rescue others from great danger or put themselves exactly where they need to be.