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Tired of paladin oaths that seem to constantly shoehorn yourself into some sort of lawful, do-gooder path? Want a paladin oath with some grit to it without being an evildoer? Look no further—the Oath of the Good Traitor is part inquisitor, part whistleblower, and all fierce commitment to justice. 

Cover art by Anna Short, found at https://www.facebook.com/aeshortstory/ and @starry_sundays on Twitter.

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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How long does No More Lies' failure effect last for exactly?


I love this so much--let's just say it'll be very cathartic for me.


Hahah! I'm so glad. Wield that catharsis like a hammer.


The Oath Of The Good Traitor is a paladin oath for 5e.

It fits on a single page. It's got a great, evocative cover. And it's tied together by a really neat concept.

Basically, faithfully serving an organization as it drifts from its course and loses its heart, might be good, but it's only one kind of good. Traitor oath paladins oppose their own organizations, attempting to force them back towards better behavior.

I kind of can't believe the paladin class has been around for so long and I'm only now seeing a nuanced version like this. It lets the GM lean into (honestly really cool and engaging) plotlines where the paladin's church or agency is doing something unethical, and it lets the player signal that that's exactly the kind of story they're looking for.

Mechanically, the Traitor oath is best at exposing deception and attacking/debuffing. It's not a class that will steer you away from conflict, and it gives you a toolkit to let you fling yourself headlong in.

I do not have a good enough sense of 5e to be able to say much useful about balance. It looks fine, but my gut feeling is that it's going to resonate more with a "yes, and" style DM.

Overall, if you're a player or a DM who likes conflict within Good institutions, I would highly advise giving this a shot.

It also makes a pretty neat antagonist if the players are blindly following the orders of a good-in-name-only organization.

Minor Issues:

-Integrity of the Martyr: should this only apply to other believers of your faith or creed? Do you have to fight to the death *anyone* who tries to move you ideologically?

-No More Lies: the "to the best of their ability" bit, is this meant to imply they are compelled to answer truthfully and in good faith, or something else?

-Avatar of Inquisition: is this meant to affect hostile creatures of neutral or opposite alignment within 30 feet of you?


In the channel divinity for No More Lies there's a typo where it says "60 fe" instead of 60 feet


Thanks! I'll fix that soon. Converting it into a different editing software mangled the text, and I definitely missed some typos.


Just a mild question seeing it's mentioned no where, Which system is this for?


It's for 5e


Yep! It is for 5E. Sorry it didn't say that in the description.