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 Want a way to hurt people with plants that isn’t whacking someone with an oaken quarterstaff? Want a subtle and engaging playstyle that rewards research and effort?

Poison for Beginners is the book for you—with 26 pages containing 20 truly unique and odd poisons, system agnostic rules for foraging, refining, and purchasing poison (along with a couple Powered by the Apocalypse moves), and lovely black and white illustrations, it's a must-read for anyone that's interested in plants that can defend themselves. It also includes examples of play for ease of use, and suggestions for use in a D20 system, such as D&D 5E.

Also available as a physical copy! Pay $5 or more when purchasing the game and select the Physical Zine reward, then input your address as prompted. $5 is for U.S. domestic shipping only—e-mail me at lwilson@gmail.com if you live outside that area for a rate.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to ask me on Twitter @lwilsonbird or e-mail me at lwilson@gmail.com .

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I'm liking it and it is very easy to use!!

Could you please add a single page version? I would like to print it out in booklet format.

Hello! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. If you'd like it as a physical copy, you can e-mail me your address at lwilsonohio@gmail.com and I can mail you a pre-printed booklet.

Hi! I'm from Europe, so that's going to be extremely expensive, that's why I wanted to print it out myself.

Ah, okay! Do you have access to a duplex /double-sided printer? 

Yes, what I usually do to print a zine is arrange the pages into booklet format (using pdfbook), so that when I print it out I just have to fold it and stable it, and it's ready to go. If a sheet has two pages in it, it is impossible.

I have a file in booklet format all ready to go! E-mail me and I'll reply with it.