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Voted by the damned as the funnest way to sell your soul, this Warlock playbook for Dungeon World has over 25 entirely new alignments, backgrounds, bonds, and racial, starting, and advanced moves. This playbook focuses on cantrips, curses, and weird abilities that accurately reflect your supernatural patron, focused around a book of incantations given to you by your master.

Evolve from there into a cunning illusionist, a psionic master,  or a fearsome warrior with a cursed blade, zealously serving your patron!

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagscurses, dungeon-world, Fantasy, playbook, warlock


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Warlock for Dungeon World - L 732 kB


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I love this! Honestly it makes soooo much sense to have Warlocks in Dungeon World and the way this has been constructed is SO good (also, there's so much!). I really like Curse as a main mechanic not only for the many options you give but also how easy it would be to implement homebrew ones to suit the style of a particular patron. 

My favourite moves are: The Devil's Own (classic warlock move I think), transmogrify (holy shit!), and mark of service (because come on, aesthetics). Thank you so much !!